Friday, February 24, 2012

Kristin Chenoweth Drops By ?The Late Show?

Stepping out for a media appearance, Kristin Chenoweth was spotted at ?The Late Show with David Letterman? last night (February 23).

The ?Pushing Daisies? dame looked super hot in a Herve Leger dress and Ray Ban sunglasses as she posed for the paparazzi with her pooch pal.

In a recent interview, Kristin chatted about the way the Broadway Stage Industry has changed over the years, and her yearning for a simpler time.

?It?s getting bigger, more expensive and more commercial. Notice I didn?t say ?better.? I am a very proud member of that community, but there was a time that I miss and that time wasn?t about how much money a show can make on the road.?

?There is a time I miss. Maybe it means I?m growing up. Maybe I?m turning into one of those old farts saying, ?Where did the good times go?? Not every movie deserves (to be a Broadway) show. We have movies. And sometimes they work onstage and sometimes they don?t.?

?How about an original story somebody writes out of their heads? In the old days composers and writers used to sit around and say, ?OK we?ve got a star ? let?s write a show for her.? Now they write a show first and then plug somebody in.?


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