Friday, February 24, 2012

Oscars Red Carpet: Who Should Show Up In Character?

Sacha Baron Cohen's 'Dictator' stunt has us wishing we could see Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Johnny Depp in costume.
By Gil Kaufman

Johnny Depp in "Dark Shadows"
Photo: Warner Bros

"The Dictator" has spoken. After a flap erupted over Sacha Baron Cohen's plans to walk the red carpet at Sunday's Oscars in the character of Admiral Gen. Shabazz Aladeen, the leader of the fictional Republic of Wadiya, the comedian responded by issuing a stern warning to the "Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Zionists."

And while the fake war of words is all in good fun (and publicity), it got us thinking: What if some of Hollywood's other biggest stars decided to ride Cohen's medal-bedecked coattails and use movie's biggest night to drum up a bit of hype for their projects?

And so, we give you our wish list of other characters we hope to see come to life once the flashbulbs start popping on Sunday afternoon.

Brad Pitt: We haven't seen any glimpses of what the "Moneyball" star looks like in his potentially franchise-spawning zombie flick "World War Z," but how refreshing would it be to see Hollywood's prettiest face (sorry Angelina, we meant second prettiest) take a stroll with his best gal with flesh dripping off his mug?

Jonah Hill: Speaking of Pitt, his "Moneyball" co-star Hill could leave the tux at home and totally break convention by donning a white T-shirt, fake braces, bleach-blond wig, backpack and baggy jeans to promote his upcoming upcoming turn in "21 Jump Street." Or he could just wear that short-shorts cop getup. Hot!

Angelina Jolie: As long as Brad's doing it, Angie might as well get her evil princess "Maleficent" on. Or better yet, get the buzz machine going again for that by donning full regalia and being carried in by a procession of armor-wearing footmen.

Johnny Depp: We're not saying the cowboy suit and mask from "The Lone Ranger" wouldn't be amazing, but can you imagine the long fingernails, pasty makeup and badass green trench coat/ purple fedora look from "Dark Shadows"?

Lindsay Lohan: She turns heads either way, but Lohan emerging from a limo dressed as Oscar royalty Elizabeth Taylor would slay.

Owen Wilson: Nothing could get the buzz going for the long-rumored "Zoolander 2" reboot than "Midnight in Paris" star Wilson slipping into the Hansel duds and Ben Stiller pulling out some Blue Steel as his date.

And it's not just upcoming movies that these actors could use as hooks to play dress-up. Since many of them get back-end and maybe even DVD cash, why not toss in one more plug for the current movies as well? That might result in famed motion-capture star Andy Serkis putting on the mo-cap suit from "Rise of the Planet of the Apes," Rooney Mara spiking up her hair and slipping into something bondage-y to reprise her "Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" character Lisbeth Salander or the cast of "Bridesmaids" taking one more trip down the aisle in those awful pink dresses.

Hell, George Clooney is notorious for pranks, so if he appeared in flip-flops, baggy chinos and a Hawaiian shirt to give a plug to "The Descendants," nobody would bat an eyelash. And can you imagine the cast of "The Artist" painting themselves up in all monochromatic black and white to throw off the HD cameras? Classic.

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